Commercial Artificial Grass

Synthetic grass and turf for your Tulsa, Oklahoma commercial establishment.

Perfect for commercial locations, our artificial grass is a great solution for Oklahoma City businesses looking to bring a little extra luxury to their location. From Oklahoma City to Tulsa, artificial grass is becoming ever more popular among growing businesses and other commercial locations such as housing editions, hotels, apartment complexes, retirement centers, and more. At Southwest Greens Oklahoma, we design and install commercial synthetic grass for all sorts of applications and landscapes; we can even create designs to blend seamlessly with landscapes that include sandy areas, playgrounds and swimming pools. Commercial locations throughout Oklahoma City use synthetic grass for the range of benefits it provides, not least of which are the decreased maintenance cost and the clean, professional look of a well-kept lawn.

Artificial grass requires far less maintenance and upkeep than a natural lawn. For starters, it doesn’t need to be watered, so your monthly water bill will be drastically lessened. Nor does it need to be mowed, weeded, fertilized, or sprayed with chemicals and pesticides, saving time, labor and money on landscaping costs. No more harmful emissions from lawnmowers, combined with recyclable materials, means our synthetic grass is the eco-friendly option. From lush, beautiful lawns that stay green all year round to professional-quality putting greens, you can count on Southwest Greens for any artificial grass installation in Tulsa and Oklahoma City areas.

Synthetic grass is perfect for all sorts of commercial locations, such as:

  • Restaurants and retail locations
  • Office buildings and call centers
  • Schools, daycares and churches
  • Municipal parks
  • Hotels and country clubs
  • Apartment complexes
  • And much more!

Imagine the time and money your business will be able to save in the long run by installing synthetic grass. Artificial grass is an investment for your business that will not only save money, but provide a crisp, clean and professional image for your commercial location. Give your business the image it deserves and have artificial grass installed at your business! Call us at (918) 272-0100 or contact us online today for a FREE design consultation!